Research Study

As you are analyzing the problem case and deciding what the problems are and the possible solutions. Listen to the three professionals below as they discuss the problems they see within the case and the rationale for their solutions.


School Nurse: County Health Issues

Professional #1

Professional #2

Professional #3


Mr. Hernandez:

Professional #4

Professional #5

Professional #6

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Category Core Behaviors Excelling Behaviors
Teaching Preparation for class Produces Orignial Materials
  Evidenced-Based Research Engages the Literature
  Technology Contributes to the Design
  Self-reflection Variety of Teaching Strategies
  Evaluation of students  
  Methods of Delivery  
  Quality of Materials  
Service Committee Meetings Membership in Multiple Committees
  Attends Required Meetings Additional College Activities
  Attends Institutional Events Leadership Positions
  Access of Student Information Initiative in Service Learning
  Assists others in Leadership Role  
Professionalism Holds Classes as Scheduled Fills in for Absences
  Reguired Office Hours More than Required Office Hours
  Collegial Relationships Beyond in Student Communication
  Response to Communication Membership Professional Organization
  College Policies  
  Awareness of Current Trends/Issues  
  Commitment to professional Standards  
Scholarship Revise Existing Courses Provide Effective Course Coordination
  Role Model Innovative Evidenced-Based Teaching Strategies
  Promote Teaching Excellence  
  Reflective Self inquiry  
  Formal and Informal Evaluation Statements